3 of the Best Smelling Men’s Cologne 2016

best smelling mens cologneThe smell of a fragrance will always be a subjective thing. With that said, we’ve decided to list out a few of the best smelling men’s cologne that you can get your hands on. You may have heard of these as they are also very popular fragrances in their own right.

Below you will find three of the tried and true great smelling colognes that are available on the market today. These colognes are definitely worth testing out and adding to your arsenal. Not only that, but all of these have been known to get the wearer many complements from the opposite sex!

Dior Homme Intense – Musky Elegance for Men

Dior Homme Intense was first created in 2007 by the famous Dior nose François Demachy, the man responsible for Dior classics such as J’adore, Miss Dior, Fahrenheit and Hypnotic Poison. Dior Homme Intense, which was first designed as a limited edition but is now part of Dior’s regular fragrances, has known many incarnations since its release in 2007, with slight changes to the bottle and subtle changes to its amber notes and color, but the cologne has always retained its sensual, luxurious and woody elegance.

dior homme intense mens cologne

The cologne has a woody, aromatic body that is neither too thick nor too transparent. The base is deep and dark with notes of Virginia cedar, vetiver, hibiscus seeds and a hint of vanilla. The middle heart notes are ambrette (musk mallow), iris and sweet pear. The top note is a gorgeous and strong lavender. This note profile makes Dior Home Intense one of the best smelling men’s cologne without question. The opening is woodsy and the cologne dries down into a sweet, powdery yet woody and masculine scent. This cologne does not have citrus tones. It is long lasting (12 hours) and wears close to the skin. The scent’s projection is good; its scent leaves an alluring and sensual trail, inviting closeness and making heads turn.

Dior Homme Intense is very luxurious and provocative; it is a perfect fragrance for a night out or a dinner. However, this cologne is very versatile. It can be worn as an all-day scent and is not overpowering, which makes it wearable at the office. Although Dior Homme Intense is originally a men’s cologne, it is often worn by women as well. Some even call it a unisex fragrance. Fans of Prada’s Infusion D’iris, Dior’s Bois D’argent, Cartier’s Declaration and Versace’s Dreamer will truly enjoy Dior Homme Intense.

Dior Homme Intense is a sophisticated and luxurious cologne that can be worn by both men and women. It is one of Dior’s best colognes to date and truly one of the best smelling colognes out there. It is also long lasting and is well worth its price. Spritz and enjoy the attention this scent will unleash on you!

Creed Green Irish Tweed – The Timeless Scent of the Irish Countryside

Creed Green Irish Tweed was launched almost thirty years ago, in 1985, and still today the fougère cologne is one of Creed’s signature scents. The cologne was created by Olivier Creed, the sixth-generation Master Perfumer and Chief Executive of Creed. Through the years, the classic scent has often been imitated but never equaled. As with all Creed’s scents, the Green Irish Tweed cologne comes in a beautiful and simple bottle, but the 120 ml version is especially striking with its stylish matte black body.

creed green irish tweed best smelling mens fragrance

The classic’s base notes are sandalwood from Mysore, ambergris and Florentine iris. The heart note is violet leaf, and the top notes consist of French verbena, fresh lemon and spicy peppermint making this one of the best smelling men’s cologne. The combination of lemon and verbena gives the cologne an invigorating, clean, almost spicy body. It is vibrant and zesty on the first spray and settles down into a soapy, delectable lavender scent. It is long-lasting (eight hours), projects very well and leaves an unforgettable sillage. The cologne is reminiscent of a stroll in the countryside, nature in the summertime, a swift wind sweeping away fresh-cut grass.

The cologne is perfect for the sporty, sophisticated man. It is ideal for a day at the office, a business lunch or an afternoon jog. It is splendid year round but shines especially bright in spring and summer. The cologne’s masculine muskiness is truly inviting but also reliable, like an old-school tweed coat. This scent is sure to get you compliments from women and men alike. On top of everything, if it means anything to you, it is said to be George Clooney’s favorite cologne.

If you enjoy a timeless, classic, refreshing cologne, Creed’s Green Irish Tweed is a good match for you. The cologne is expensive but will last you a long time. If you are looking for cheaper alternative, you can try Davidoff’s Cool Water, Goeffrey Beene’s Grey Flannel or Liz Claiborne Lucky Number 6 for Men. However, remember that nothing can equal the quality and style of  a Creed classic.

Givenchy Gentleman – True French Sophistication

Givenchy Gentleman was launched in 1974. Hubert de Givenchy commissioned perfumer Paul Leger to create a woody and timeless fragrance that would age well and be the image fragrance for his ready-to-wear boutique, also called Givenchy Gentleman. Forty years later, we can safely say that de Givenchy has achieved his goal. Few colognes bring such a sense of ageless sophistication, elegance and confidence. This cologne is the quintessential scent for the contemporary man. It is seductive and distinguished. The classic cologne combines vetiver, cinnamon and tarragon to create vigor and character. Its rich notes of patchouli and Russian leather give this fragrance a handsome and masculine vibe.

givenchy gentleman best smelling mens cologne

This fragrance is complex: the base notes are civet, Russian leather, amber, musk, oak moss and vanilla. The heart notes are patchouli, vetiver, jasmine, cedar and orris root and the top notes are tarragon, cinnamon, honey, bergamot, lemon and rose. It is long-lasting and powerful. Men who want a more subtle wear should use it sparingly since it has a strong projection. However, if you like to spritz more than once, you need not worry, this scent is pleasant and non-offensive. It leaves a nice woody sillage. It is gritty, floral and woody at first and the dry down is earthy and soapy. Some men say the dry down reminds them of their fathers’ shaving cream. You can easily imagine a suit wearing, cigar-smoking executive, coming out of a whiskey bar and leaving a masculine Givenchy Gentleman trail behind him. This is the kind of man Hubert de Givenchy had in mind when he commissioned the cologne. This best smelling men’s cologne is best worn in the evening and is perfect for a special occasion, a dinner or a night out. It can be worn all year round but is better fitted for the colder seasons.

Givenchy launched Gentlemen Only in 2013. The cologne is said to be a new incarnation of Givenchy Gentleman. The fragrance is said to be more versatile and casual than Gentleman. Men looking for a sophisticated but office friendly cologne might want to sample Gentlemen Only. The classic Gentleman is the right cologne for those looking for a seductive, nighttime scent.

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