Aqua Vitae Pheromones by Liquid Alchemy Labs Review

aqua vitae pheromones for men liquid alchemy labsAqua Vitae is such a powerful seduction tool, you’d think it was extracted from Adonis himself. That’s no exaggeration. This pheromone cologne is the most sexually aggressive set of pheromones on the market today.

After you apply Aqua Vitae, for the next 6 – 8 hours your life will be something akin to that of a Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt. You’ll feel rich, handsome and like a movie star as you walk down the street drawing smoldering stares from women in every direction.

If you’re looking for a pheromone cologne that stimulates a more sexual response, Aqua Vitae is that and more.

Command and conquer like an alpha male

The most overwhelming vibes that Aqua Vitae gives off; are those alpha male vibes like dominance, aggression, influence and confidence. This is no doubt due to the most prominent ingredient being androstenone, the pheromone responsible for advertising sexual and social status.

Of course, with a healthy dosage of Aqua Vitae sprayed on your chest (not too much!) women will be enraptured by you, and men will act like you are “Mr. Popular”.

Be prepared to be the center of the galaxy, because that’s exactly what you’ll get once you step outside sporting these pheromones!


Powerful and sexual magnetic forcessexy woman aqua vitae pheromones

With a perfectly balanced blend of 7 pheromones, Aqua Vitae enhances your image in a powerful and sexual way, while also raising trust, friendliness and popularity with both sexes.

But be warned. This stuff is potent, and will intimidate people of both sexes, but if you are prepared, and are already a confident operator when it comes to socializing, you can work this to your advantage.

Be prepared to bring your “game”

First off, men, they will react to Aqua Vitae but in most cases, they’ll be doing their level best to please and impress you because of the celebrity factor. But this isn’t about men is it? This is about seducing women so that they willingly throw themselves through your open bedroom door.

This is where there’s a catch with Aqua Vitae. If gods wore cologne, it’d be Aqua Vitae because they’re all-powerful, omnipotent forces and only the best will do. You on the other hand, are only human and you need to come to the table with your “A” game when it comes to this sexually aggressive cologne.

sexually aggressive pheromone cologne

Aqua Vitae pulls no punches when it comes to letting the opposite sex know you mean business. You don’t have to do anything. You could be standing a few feet away from two women deep in conversation only to find that they suddenly stop mid-discussion to stare at you in awe.

It’s then up to you to seal the deal, and obviously, it’ll be made easier as Aqua Vitae also leaves you feeling powerful and sexy. Still, you need to be on your game because you’ll be attracting the attention of every girl in sight.

If this intimidates you, give it some time. You’ll get used to it. At first, simply bask in the attention lavished on you. After a while though, practice initiating conversation with your admirers.

In time, you’ll learn to use Aqua Vitae as your ever-willing wingman.


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