Corpo Pheromone Cologne by Alpha Dream Review

Corpo office alpha status pheromone spray cologne for men businessCorporativo by Alpha Dream is for those ambitious guys and gals looking to gain an edge in the workplace. When you show up for a meeting wearing this pheromone cologne, all in your presence will gravitate toward you, dishing out lashings of respect and trust.

In short, Corpo elevates your status while you’re in the company of those who matter most to your career.

How does it work?

In regards to potency and strength of effects, Corpo is far more subtle than say, Wolf by Liquid Alchemy Labs. This isn’t to say it’s a lesser product. In fact, you could say that this is an advantage because in a boardroom brimming with powerful people, do you really want to come across as intimidating?

Whereas Wolf achieves the same results with a bang, Corpo gives off a far “cooler” kind of vibe. You’ll still feel, act and look (smell) like an entrepreneur (think Richard Branson), but the aura you exude will be one of calm, collected coolness rather than fiery confidence.

To get a good idea of the effects of Corpo, think back to the managers, team leaders and even teachers of your past. Quite often the most popular among them, would have been the men and women who took things in their stride, never caved in under pressure and spoke with a calmer kind of authority.

pheromones for men perfect for the office and for business

Suave, sophisticated and self-assured

While everyone else is panicking, pulling their hair out and biting their nails to the root, you’ll be the “winner” in the midst. Corpo exaggerates your existing communication skills so if you’re in sales, you’ll seal deals faster and with less fuss. Wear Corpo to an interview and you’ll effortlessly appear reliable, sociable and more importantly, you’ll find yourself able to say exactly what you mean without hesitation.

Who would you hire? The hesitant, unsure applicant, or the one who exudes self-assurance and isn’t afraid to say what they think?


It works outside the office toocorpo pheromone spray for the suave business man

Corporativo isn’t just for the workplace however. For example, you can spray this on in the morning before your usual commute on the packed subway or bus and you’ll find that some very intriguing things happen as you’re crammed in alongside the other commuters.

Eyes will be on you, checking you out, trying to figure out what it is about you that’s so captivating. While everyone else is awkward and uncomfortable, you’ll be the one in the eye of the storm looking out at the chaos.

Feel the difference

You’ll feel the difference too, meaning you’ll find it easier to communicate with people and you won’t hesitate to say what you mean. Overall, you’ll simply be far more comfortable in the spotlight than ever before.

Attract younger women like moths to a flame

The overwhelming consensus is that Corpo drives younger women wild. This probably has something to do with the fact that you appear to be superior to them in social status. Just being around you is enough for them to feel secure and safe, and it may also cause a little jealousy among female work colleagues as they vie for your attention.

Remember, these are pheromones, and it has been proven that pheromones do play a role in the attraction process. Wearers have even said that they felt “more attractive” while wearing Corpo, as if it has a beautifying effect on the person wearing it.

If you want to command more respect and attract a little more attention to yourself, at work and outside, try this effective but subtle pheromone cologne on for size.


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