EvolveXS Pheromone Cologne by PheromoneXS Review

EvolveXS best pheromones for men spray pheromonexsEvolveXS is the flagship seduction product of PheromoneXS. If you’re seeking to enhance your sexual magnetism, there is no better pheromone concoction on the market than EvolveXS. It is said that this pheromone cologne took years to perfect and when you realize how it works, that makes a lot of sense.

It’s all in the name. This potent pheromone cologne evolves over several hours, reeling women in slowly but surely before aggressively tugging them into your bed.

This cologne is not for the faint of heart. This is pure sexual aggression!

From socialite to sex god

During the initial stages, EvolveXS works to make you more attractive in a social manner. Women find themselves loving and pick up sexy women with pheromone spray and oilscraving your company. During a date, this sets the scene perfectly for the next stage of this unique pheromone cologne.

Lasting 6 – 8 hours from application, as the more social pheromones wear off; the sexually aggressive pheromones kick in. This steady evolution allows you to woo your target before eventually and inevitably taking them home.

Why is it so potent?

Each spray of EvolveXS contains 20 mcg’s of androstenone and it is this particular pheromone molecule that gives this cologne its kick.

Androstenone is one of the most aggressive pheromones, and at first you might find yourself a little intimidated by its effects. Stick with it, and harmonize yourself with the stages. Eventually, you’ll know when to expect the gradual shift from social chemistry to sexual, and act accordingly.


Choose your scent

EvolveXS has six cover scents:

  • Unscented
  • FXS
  • Nobility
  • Sultan’s Oud
  • Pepper/Nutmeg
  • Fresh Musk

Choose the scent that appeals most to you, and make sure you do a little research around your office or place of work, to find the most attractive scent, Most women are more than happy to let you know upfront if you smell great or not. Find the right scent and woo the women of your choice whilst smelling (and looking) the part.

EvolveXS Sexy Woman

Go with the flow for best results

EvolveXS pulls no punches, nor does it wait for you to catch up. As time goes by, you’ll find your female targets displaying all the symptoms of sexual readiness. Hair twirling, leaning in, facial examinations that put you on the spot, this is what you’ll get and more.

As long as you go with it, enjoying the boost in masculinity and confidence of the initial stages, before sealing the deal with the sexual pheromones as your right hand man, you’ll enjoy using EvolveXS.

garner sexual aggression and energy this cologneBe prepared for the sexual aggression

Frankly speaking, EvolveXS packs such a potent punch, that it’s not for everyone. Think of it this way. If pheromone colognes were rodeo bulls, EvolveXS would be the meanest, wildest and most sexually deprived bull of them all—when it hits, that is.

At first, you might be a little put off by the sudden waves of sexual aggression that hit you as you converse with a date, or even a table full of women. However, just like anything, it takes practice. Be ready for the wave to hit, and you’ll become so adept at surfing it, women will be riding that wave with you, straight into your bed.

It generally takes several hours for evolution from social beacon to sexual animal. Remember though, you’ll only need one or two sprays at most, anymore than that and you’ll find yourself becoming aggressive, moody and anxious.


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