Nude Alpha Pheromones by Liquid Alchemy Labs Review

nude alpha pheromones liquid alchemy labs

From the creators of the much celebrated Aqua Vitae, Liquid Alchemy Labs, Nude Alpha is the latest and greatest pheromone sensation on the market. It’s clear that Nude Alpha has created some pretty substantial waves in the world of pheromone colognes. A quick look around the net is enough to whet your appetite, but what is it that makes this particular liquid female-magnet stand out?

Developed at the Behest of Pheromone Cologne Enthusiasts

What lends such credence to Nude Alpha as a pheromone cologne, is the fact that Liquid Alchemy Labs concocted it for the pheromone enthusiast. Originally, in the Nude range by Liquid Alchemy Labs, there were three distinct yet powerful colognes. Each one enhanced popularity, attractiveness and overall sex appeal yet to buy all three would have cost an arm and a leg. Thus, the masses cried out for a product that combined the effects of all three and Liquid Alchemy Labs promptly acquiesced.

Nude Alpha; a unique yet powerful pheromone cologne was born.

How does Nude Alpha work?

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Leave Her Breathless!

In short, Nude Alpha leaves women uncontrollably attracted to you—but in its own distinctive way. Whereas other pheromone colognes might leave women breathless in your presence, Nude Alpha appeals to a woman’s “romantic” side. At first, women are intrigued. They sense there’s something dark, and mysterious about you while in your presence but can’t quite figure out what that is.

As a result, Nude Alpha renders a woman helpless to remove you from her thoughts. Wearers refer to its effects as “after-thoughts” or an “inside out” attraction. Needless to say, you’ll find yourself something of an object that women find fascinating, causing them to become chatty, cuddly and giggly in your presence.


What does it Contain?

It’s a well-known fact that Liquid Alchemy Labs like to keep their cards close to their chest in regards to ingredients. That being said, Nude Alpha is known to contain more androstenone than most other similar products. It is also known to be completely alcohol-free, but whether this has any effect on its attraction factor remains to be seen.

How does it affect the wearer?

The overall consensus is that Nude Alpha leaves the wearer feeling uplifted, thoughtful and relaxed. As a result of this positive change in mood, you the wearer become something of a social beacon. You exude a calm, confident energy that draws compliments from women, who feel safe and warm in your presence.

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Furthermore, in general social settings, among men and women alike, Nude Alpha puts you in a chatty sociable mood. You feel open and willing to communicate, and some men even go as far as saying they feel like the alpha dog, the leader of the pack, so to speak.

The relationship factor

Perhaps this isn’t everyone’s bag, but the outstanding effect of Nude Alpha is its ability to cause women to want to be in a relationship with you. This is good and bad. Of course when it comes to women you consider friends or close friends, perhaps it’s not such a good idea to suddenly have them falling head over heels for you.

On the other side of the coin, however, you leave an indelible impression on most women you come into contact with. Women, who might not have noticed you before, suddenly become available and start initiating conversation with you.

get nude be alpha As I mentioned earlier though, because of your newfound aura of confidence, optimism and calm, most women will be thinking about you long after you meet them.

Ultimately then, Nude Alpha slowly but surely captures women in your net.

Essence of the alpha male

Perhaps this is the “Alpha” in Nude Alpha at work but men too, seem to change behavior in your presence. Where once you might just have been “one of the guys”, you transform—in their eyes—into the alpha male of the group. Just a couple of drops of Nude Alpha raises your social status and makes you the guy everyone wants to party with.

In conclusion, Nude Alpha is an inimitable pheromone cologne that makes women want to marry you, men want to know you, and you, love to be you.


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