The Most Important Tips on Applying and Wearing Men’s Cologne

tips on applying and wearing mens cologneA man paired with a complementing scent is a beautiful thing. Don’t believe me, ask the ladies! What you want to avoid is the most important tip on wearing cologne that can be shared with you: Don’t douse yourself in your cologne! Believe it or not, many men make this mistake and while they strut around feeling like a million bucks, they are actually unintentionally evacuating the building. Nobody prefers to be near an overly aromatic gentleman, whether it be in an office, at the bar, on the bus or in an elevator. Luckily, by following the tips shared below you can avoid experiencing this embarrasing moment.

Don’t bathe in your cologne – As stated earlier, no need to douse yourself in your chosen fragrance. A little goes a long way here. Remember, don’t be “that guy”.

No need to be shy – On the flip side, you don’t want to wear so little that nobody can enjoy your aromatics. Always start out with a small amount and build up until you find the perfect balance for your chosen cologne. When somebody comes within a close distance of you they should be able to catch a faint whiff of the fragrance you’re wearing. It’s a sweet science that you will need to master.

Apply to the pulse points – Applying your cologne to certain pulse points will allow the fragrance to effectively emit from your body due to body heat. Places like the inside of your wrists, inner elbows, your neck area (throat and back of neck) work well. Some also spray on their chest and the back of their knees. A great spot to apply a dab of cologne is right behind your ears. If a woman wants to whisper something in your ear, or you are in an intimate setting, this will drive her crazy (in a good way of course)!

man spraying cologne on pulse points

Mind your setting – It’s recommended to use different colognes for different environments. A more formal and lighter scented cologne works better when you’re at work. You should avoid fragrances that carry a heavy scent and possess strong sillage so you can avoid the possibility of disrupting a coworkers olfactory system. If your favorite frags have those attributes, just spray a little (or a lot) less than what you normally do. When you’re on a romantic night out, you may want to opt for a more heavier scent. I mean, you are trying to impress, right? This will take some testing so make sure you test a new fragrance on a day you have off to get a feel for it. You may also want to use different fragrances for the warmer months as opposed to the colder months.

Spray or Dab? To spray or not to spray, that is the question. You may think that this will ultimately depend on the bottle that the fragrance comes in, but keep in mind that you can always transfer a non spray cologne to an atomizer bottle which can be found relatively cheap. Spraying allows you to cover more area with less while a dab application style will be more concentrated to a couple of spots. If you go with a dab style bottle, simply put your finger over the bottle opening and flip it upside down to get some on your finger. Then you can apply to your pulse points without getting your hands covered in it. In the end either one works and it’s up to you which application process you prefer.

man spraying cologne in air

Fabric or Skin? You may be wondering whether to apply cologne on your clothes or on your skin. I usually recommend applying your fragrance to your skin so you can allow the scent to work with your natural odor and progress through the notes. But there are some reasons why you may not want to. For starters, some people react to the thought of voluntarily applying synthetic chemicals to their skin in a similar fashion to that of an easily frightened housewife when she’s vacuuming and notices a rat scurrying across the floor. So if that type of thing doesn’t float your boat, go ahead and apply to your clothes. Some people also have a low blood temperature so the pulse points won’t really help spread the fragrance and allow it to shine.

Some pros and cons of applying cologne to your wardrobe. The pros are that you will get better longevity and possibly better sillage when applied to clothes. As stated earlier, you will also avoid directly spraying your skin with chemicals. Some cons are that your juice may cause stains on white shirts. You can help this somewhat by not directly spraying your shirt from too close a distance. You also won’t get to enjoy the full progression of the cologne throughout the notes.

No rubbing – When you apply cologne make sure not to rub it in. This is known to greatly alter the scent of the fragrance. Just let it do it’s thing.

The spray and walk-through is for fools – Juice is money so don’t waste it! Many guys seem to have the propensity to do this and think it’s a practical way of applying their cologne. It isn’t. If anything it’s just a waste. Make those sprays count! Not applicable to dabbers 😉

Concealed carry – If you like a certain cologne, but it doesn’t project well with your body chemistry (or is just a lighter fragrance for that matter) you can carry a small atomizer with you and reapply with some spritzes if you notice it’s wearing off. Atomizer bottles vary in size so go for one that easily fits in your coat or pockets.

cologne atomizer spray bottle

Small Atomizer Bottle

Make sure you’re clean, know what I mean – Fact: If you’re reeking, applying cologne will only exacerbate the odiferous stench that you be rockin’! Make sure to apply your fragrance fresh out the shower. Rubbing in a neutral or light scented moisturizer before applying cologne will also make the fragrant notes stick around a bit longer. Cologne is not a suitable replacement for a good ‘ol shower.

Experiment – There is no set in stone method to the madness here. Always take the time to experiment with different fragrances, especially trying out ones that have differing note profiles or one’s that belong to fragrance families that you’ve had little to no exposure to.

Colognes smell differently depending on your body odor/chemistry. It’s all up to experimentation to find that sweet spot that works for you. If you’re not sure where to start, check out some of the top cologne lists or the best men’s cologne chart on the front page to start out with ones that are very popular and work well with the majority of men.

So how does this Aromatic Gentleman apply his fragrance? I like a single spray on each inner elbow, toss whatever shirt I’m wearing on and a spray once on the throat (which also hits the collar of my shirt). This works well with a frag like YSL’s La Nuit de l’Homme. Something like Nautica Blue or Armani Code I can spray quite a bit more without being obnoxious smelling. Like I said, it’s a sweet science that you will need to experiment with 😉

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