Top Fragrance Sites

Looking for where you can get even more information regarding the world of men’s fragrances (or fragrances, perfumes and colognes in general)? Check out some of the sites listed below. All of these sites carry a wealth of  information and are jam packed with discussions by tons of fragrance enthusiasts from all around the world.


This site sports a huge database of almost every fragrance imaginable. If you’re looking to figure out what all those delightful smells coming out of your cologne bottle are, this site will list every note in a fragrance as well as the most dominant ones. Put you in the know! Not only does this site have a huge database of colognes and perfumes, but it also has tons and tons of users that help contribute to the site. You will also find helpful stats like best time of year/time of day to wear the cologne as well as its projection and sillage. I link to Fragrantica quite often throughout my site as they are my #1 resource when it comes to men’s colognes.


Another huge community that you should definitely check out. This site is great for finding the latest news in the fragrance industry as well as checking out what others think of the thousands of fragrances available on the marketplace. If you’re trying to track down more information on a new release, this site will be your go-to. Similar to Fragrantica, they also display a note pyramid for each fragrance that they feature on their site. A great place for info!

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