Top Selling Men’s Cologne for 2016

top selling mens cologneAlthough everybody has their list of top colognes, we wanted to post up a list of the top selling men’s cologne that time and time again top the charts in the sales department. And there’s a very good reason why they are top sellers. The fragrances listed below are affordable, popular and go over well with both genders. They’re all quite versatile and can be found at many department stores (Nordstroms, Macy’s, etc) and on the cheap at online retailers like Amazon.

So check out the list below and also make sure to check out the best mens’ cologne guide on the front page. And also feel free to list your favorite men’s cologne in the comments at the bottom of this page.

Chrome by Azzaro – An Affordable and High Quality Aquatic

Chrome Azzaro was an immediate best seller when it was launched in 1996. It remains one of the top selling men’s cologne on the market to this day. It is the quintessential aquatic fougère, and is reminiscent of the pricey Bleu de Chanel by Chanel. Chrome Azzaro is a complex and well crafted cologne. It is crisp, zesty and tangy. Its top notes are pineapple, bergamot, bitter orange, lemon, rosemary and transparent musks. The heart is comprised of cyclamen, coriander, oak moss, jasmine, liche, hedione and ivy. The base is cedar, Brazilian rosewood, cardamom, sandalwood, musk, maté, oak moss, tonka bean and cedar.

It has a sharp and bright opening. The cologne has a strong projection but is not cloying or overpowering so it can be worn at the office or on a casual business lunch. Like all aquatics, Chrome is well suited for summer and the beach. Its low price range is especially appealing in such a high-quality cologne.

Kenneth Cole Black – Sweet Sophistication

Kenneth Cole Black was introduced in 2002 and has been a best-seller ever since. Created by noses Sabine de Tscharner and Harry Fremont (Polo Sport, CK One), the cologne is timeless but modern, sophisticated and sensual. Black is clean, sweet and fruity but remains very masculine. The top notes are zesty with basil leaves, ginger, mandarin oranges, watermint. The middle is spicy and flowery with its notes of nutmeg, lotus flower, cedar leaf and incense smoke. The base brings out the sensuality of the cologne, with notes of violet leaves, musk, exotic woods, ambergris and black suede.

Kenneth Cole Black will never go unnoticed and will garner attention and compliments from men and women alike. It leaves a nice, soothing sillage and will last up to eight hours. It never overpowers but still lets his presence be known. Best worn in the warmer months, KC Black is perfect for a summer date or a night out.

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche – The Iconic Fougere

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche is unarguably one of the top selling and most well known men’s cologne on the market. The aromatic powerhouse is over thirty years old and is still one of the most recognizable scents today. Created by prolific nose Pierre Wargnye, Drakkar Noir is sharp and irresistible. It is a classic sexy fougere scent. The top notes are rosemary, artemisia, lavender, basil, green mint, lemon verbena, bergamot and lemon. The heart is coriander, wormwood, angelica, carnation, cinnamon, juniper and jasmine. The base is leather, patchouli, sandalwood, fir, amber, patchouli, oakmoss, vetiver, pine needle, balsam and cedarwood.

Drakkar Noir mixes woody, fresh and spicy notes to create an energizing and pleasant scent. The comforting scent is loved by women. It has a strong sillage and good longevity. Drakkar Noir is definitely not a unisex fragrance. It may be an iconic 80’s cologne, but it doesn’t feel dated. It is perfect for a night out with friends or for a date.

Dolce & Gabanna The One – Classic And Unique

Following the successful fragrance for women, The One, D&G launched The One for Men in 2008. The cologne has been a high profile scent ever since. The cologne features Matthew McConaughey as its spokesman. With a celebrity backing, The One has definitely turned into a top selling men’s cologne. The cologne is a mix of woody and oriental notes with a spicy opening and a masculine, warm dry down. The top notes are coriander, orange blossom, grapefruit, basil and bergamot. The middle is neroli, cardamom and ginger and the bottom notes are cedar, tobacco and amber.

As its name indicates, The One is a distinctly unique cologne which has an enduring appeal. It is classic but unlike any other scents on the market. The warmth and masculinity of the scent are very popular with women; some even go as far as wearing it themselves. Expect a long-lasting cologne with a powerful sillage. Such a sophisticated scent is well suited for a night out but is casual enough to be worn during the day.

L’homme by Yves Saint Laurent – A Woman’s Favorite

L’Homme Yves Saint Laurent by YSL was launched in 2006 and created by a trio of noses: Anne Flipo, Dominique Ropion and Pierre Wargnye. It is described as a woody-floral musk. It is a well-crafted and subtle cologne, designed for the professional man on the go. L’Homme is the embodiment of the confident and mature man. The sophisticated cologne has notes of white ginger, bergamot, citrus peel, cedar, lemon, spices, ozonic notes, white pepper, basil blossoms, violet leaf, tonka bean, Tahitian vetiver and cedarwood.

The opening is spicy, and the closing is woody and herbal. It wears close to the skin and leaves an intriguing and mature sillage. As expected from YSL, L’Homme’s quality is outstanding. It is long-lasting and well worth its price. One spritz is more than enough: you will not need to reapply during the day. L’Homme is often described as a “women’s favorite.” Modern and luxurious, it transitions superbly from a day scent into an evening scent. YSL creates many top selling men’s cologne and L’Homme doesn’t disappoint!

Thallium Paris by Yves De Sistelle – Sturdy Fougère and a Woman Pleaser

Thallium Paris by Yves de Sistelle is a strong, mesmerizing and alluring oriental fougère scent. Its top notes are pineapple, bergamot. The heart is made of jasmine, apple and lavender and the base notes are cedar, musk, amber and patchouli. The top is crisp and smart, and the base is sensual and masculine. The opening and middle are sweet and peppery while being fresh and clean. Thallium by Yves de Sistelle’s freshness is similar to that of an aquatic fragrance.

The base is the star of the scent. It is rich and strong, almost intoxicating. Women are especially fond of the robust, non-offensive fragrance (some say it may be secretly laced with pheromones!) Many men comments that they receive numerous compliments when wearing Thallium Paris by Yves de Sistelle. The fragrance is versatile and can be worn from dusk until dawn, from summer into winter and on any occasion. Thallium Paris offers the same quality as designer colognes, for a lesser price.

This list wouldn’t be complete without the mention of some of the top selling men’s cologne by designer Giorgio Armani. Both Acqua di Gio and Armani Code are great sellers so they deserve an honorable mention. Another set of fragrances that are worth mentioning and are great sellers are those colognes created by John Varvatos.

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