Wolf by Liquid Alchemy Labs Pheromone Cologne Review

wolf pheromones for men alpha status confidenceImagine you’re a wolf, the lean, strong and proud leader of the pack, on the prowl commanding respect and glowing with an aura of dominance. That is what Wolf does for you, as a man. It takes your existing qualities and boosts them tenfold, leaving you feeling powerful and those around you showing you more respect.

This was one of Alchemy Labs very first pheromone colognes. Their aim in designing it was to help the wearer stand out from the crowd while emanating an air of assurance and authority.

It’s not easy finding the right balance however. Too strong, and you intimidate people, too weak and you come off pretentious.

Liquid Alchemy Labs succeeded in locating that balance.

How does it work?wolf sexual alpha status pheromones for men

When you apply Wolf, you’ll get 6 – 8 hours of unremitting respect from peers, friends and women. As the name suggests, Wolf endows the wearer with an “in-control-vibe”. Others in your presence will be drawn to you, wishing to seek your counsel, connect with you or simply be around you.

You know how some people command respect without even saying a word? This is what Wolf does. It’s that “celebrity” factor that makes heads turn to watch you as you enter a room, or walk through a club. While wearing Wolf it’ll be you turning heads, not the other guy.

It’s not just other people. Wolf also acts as a mood enhancer. While the powerful pheromones work their magic the fact that you also feel “in control” and confident, adds to the effect you have on others.


Enhance your business or social relationships

Wolf can best be described as a “people magnet”. Whether you want to make more friends, strengthen current friendships or even advance up the corporate ladder, Wolf has a little something for everyone. Wolf can:

  • Boost your confidence levels
  • Increase your trustworthiness in the eyes of others
  • Help you to become the next in line for promotion at work
  • Make you more attractive to the opposite sex
  • Improve relationships, intimate and otherwise

Wolf is your “go-to” cologne if you’re looking to become someone that commands respect.

wolf pheromones sexy woman

Sexual as well as social

Women love confidence, in fact in many cases it is confidence that seals the deal and leaves you with a number and confirmation of that first date. Wolf presents you as the alpha male and helps you to effortlessly build rapport with the opposite sex, leaving them wanting to please you and gain your respect.

A drop or two of Wolf will leave you feeling like a man of importance, and women wanting to be close to you, just so they can bask in your manly aura.

Unleash the WOLF in you

Even if you aren’t the most confident person, there’s a wolf in you waiting to be unleashed. Wolf draws people to you, all you have to do is play to your strengths and Wolf will do the rest. If you’re already confident and self-assured, opportunities will begin to present themselves in the form of dates, promotions or newly formed relationships.

Wolf is confidence in a bottle. Possibly one of the most result producing pheromones for men on the market!


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