XiSt by PheromoneXS Review

xist best pheromones for men pheromonexsOnce named the “instant boyfriend” mix, for its ability to charm and capture the hearts of women, XiSt was revamped and reworked by pheromoneXS. The result was a pheromone cologne that has become known for its knack of rendering the “friendzone” obsolete.

As long as you’re wearing this intoxicating number, there’ll be little danger of you falling into the dreaded “friend” category when pursuing the woman (or women) you desire.

How does XiSt work?

XiSt works like an undercover agent, moving slowly and methodically all the while gaining trust and stirring interest until one day, Wham!, he is right where he wants to be. One of the top quality pheromones for men, XiSt is subtle and slow, yet potent and powerful. The secret to its attraction magic isn’t known, yet somehow, the combination of pheromones in this cologne almost always seems to capture the amorous attention of females in your vicinity.

Select your target, apply XiSt, and move in for the kill. Don’t expect instant results, however, with the girl you have in mind. That’s not how it works. For it to work to its fullest and most majestic extent, a woman needs to be exposed to it several times, say, over the course of three or more dates.

By this point, she’ll be head-over-heels for you and you’ll be calling the shots.

From friendship to courtshipromantic attraction get out of the friendzone with xist pheromone spray

If you find yourself lodged firmly in the friendzone, XiSt will do what nothing and no one else can by transforming that warm and cuddly friendship into a hot and steamy relationship.

How does it do that? XiSt achieves this normally impossible feat by:

  • Causing you to feel happy, comfortable and “right with the world”
  • Sending out the signal that you are “out of reach”
  • Subtly encouraging women to flirt with you
  • Leaving a mysterious but enthralling impression on women
  • Accentuating your finer points

So if you’re one of those guys (there are lots of us) who have been relegated to the friend bench, never fear, XiSt is here!


Save your stuttering relationship

This is the where XiSt rises above its competitors in the market. It is famed for its “reset” capability whereby a frustrated or furious girlfriend gradually (after several exposures) begins to see you in a new light.

If you haven’t been getting along and need to stoke the fires of passion so to speak, XiSt is the only pheromone cologne in existence with that precise effect.

Don’t spray on half a bottle and expect to get immediate results however, be patient. Spray on a little at a time and spend time with her over the next week, preferably several days. By the end of the week, she’ll be as into you as she was when you first met.

Likewise, if it’s a new relationship and you want to help move things along, XiSt will do just that.

use xist pheromone cologne spray to win back your ex

Get Her Attention Back On You!

Win back an ex with XiSt

XiSt is so potent that even failed relationships can be reignited. It might be a challenge to see her again for the first time in a while, but if you’ve sprayed on a touch of XiSt, she’ll likely come back for more, of her own accord.

She’ll be confused, unsure of why she’s so into you again, but that’s the beauty of this cologne. It places you at the forefront of her mind, silently and secretly.

Leave an indelible imprint that forms a bond

XiSt works on strangers too, in much the same way, so much so that you might find yourself soaking up the attention at work, in lifts, on the subway and in all those other cramped spaces.

Leave an impression, form a bond and lead the way like the pied piper himself.


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